Law Enforcement & Public Safety


Public Sector

The leaders of Virtual Labshave great knowledge of the public sector that comes from a long history of providing services to government. Our experience starts at the local government level and moves on the state level and ends at the Federal government. We understand the unique challenges that public sector agencies, bureaus, councils, and law enforcement face in providing current technical solutions in order to efficiently service citizens.

Law Enforcement & Public Safety

Law Enforcement officers must have the right information available when and where they need it, not only for solving cases, but also for preventing crimes. In recent years gathering, assessing and sharing of that intelligence has become increasingly complex. Consolidating and integrating information, much of it existing in complex and disparate legacy systems as well as leveraging from other departments data such as courts, schools, health authorities, and prisons has now become a necessary requirement.

The active chatter of social media networks, powerful geographic profiling techniques, video CCTV footage, and other data-intensive factors reinforce the need for business intelligence and predictive analytical tools that can sift through the noise and identify reliable intelligence. By combining new digital technologies with analytics capabilities, law enforcement officers can effectively analyze huge amounts of structured and unstructured data and generate important intelligence insights in recognizing patterns, links between people, places and events that could be critical to the investigative process.


The leaders at Virtual Labssolutions have strong experience with managing online transactional processing system “Citizens and Law Enforcement Analysis and Reporting” for criminal justice personnel; building incident reporting and arrest applications; leading conversion of City Police department’s Case system to State-Wide Incident reporting system; developing Law Enforcement Alert System, based on Global Justice XML Data Model (GJXDM), for transferring officer’s cases from enterprise Case system to state wide Incident Reporting System and leading analytical application, for gathering & analyzing the Police officer’s performance over a given period of time, using Oracle Business Intelligence tools.

Virtual Labsdelivers advanced analytical capabilities that provides criminal justice personnel insights into incidents what has really happened in the past (using business intelligence tools), offers expansive federated search capabilities (using information discovery tools) and guides them with recognizing patterns, links between people, identifying locations where incidents are likely to occur using Big data and predictive analytics tools. The approach addresses the needs of agencies focused on protecting national interests and safeguarding citizens from the threat of international terrorism and increasingly sophisticated criminal networks.